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To Bee or Not to Bee an Investigator

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Do you find joy in solving mysteries by looking at clues? Then consider our next career on Aspire to Bee. It starts with the letter "I" - Investigator! What else starts with the letter "I"??? Interesting! You never know what your day will be like when you are an Investigator. Every day will be different!

5 Fun Facts About Investigators

1. 21% of private investigators are self-employed.

2. New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas have the highest concentration of criminal investigators.

3. The District of Columbia, New Jersey, Delaware, California, and Alaska have the highest average salaries for criminal investigators and detectives.

4. There were over 110,000 criminal investigators and detectives employed by government agencies.

5. To date, DNA testing has exonerated more than 242 wrongfully convicted individuals.

5 Great Schools For Investigators

Types of Investigators

1. Crime Scene Investigator

2. Computer Forensics Investigator

3. Insurance Fraud Investigator

4. Arson Investigator

5. Legal Investigator

Key Traits & Skills

1. Good Spoken & Written Communication Skills

2. Excellent Observational Skills

3. Strong Analytical Skills

4. Basic IT Skills

5. Detail-Oriented

Bee Focused. Bee Confident. Beelieve in Yourself.

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