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To Bee or Not to Bee an Accountant

Our first career starts with the letter 'A' - Accountant! Aspiring to be an Accountant? Accountants are expected to prepare and examine financial statements, organize and maintain accurate financial records, and ensure that financial statements comply with laws and regulations. Learn which personal and professional traits you will need to succeed in this career. Additionally, explore the top schools and firms in the Accounting industry.

Top 5 Fun Facts About Accountants

1. More than 2,000 accountants work the FBI

2. Bubble Gum was invented by an accountant

3. The first CPA exam was issued in New York way back in 1896.

4. The word ‘accountant’ comes from the French word ‘compter’ or ‘computare’ which means to count or score.

5. The first book on double-entry accounting was written in 1494 by Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli.

Top 5 Schools for Accounting

Top 5 Accounting Firms

  1. KPMG

  2. Ernst & Young

  3. Deloitte

  4. PwC

  5. McGladrey

Key Traits and Skills

1. Analytical

2. Communication

3. Detail-Oriented

4. Organization

5. Time Management

Bee Brave. Bee Confident. Beelieve in Yourself.

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