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To Bee or Not to Bee a Chef

Our next career starts with the letter 'C'. If you love food and enjoy cooking, consider becoming a Chef! What else begins with the letter 'c'? Cookies! Yum! Find out some interesting facts about chefs and how you can be a successful chef!

Top 5 Fun Facts About Chefs

1. The first known pizza delivery was delivered by the most famous pizza chef in Italy to the king and queen in 1889

2. The prestigious Michelin Star is awarded by Michelin Tires. For over 100 years, it’s all been part of an advertising campaign to sell tires

3. Caesar Salad is named after an Italian chef who crafted the dish in a Mexican kitchen out of what was available at the time.

4. Although pasta is usually associated with Italian cooking, the oldest noodles were believed to have been discover in China and were preserved for over 7,000 years.

5. There are over 7,000 types of potatoes

Top 5 Schools for Chefs

Top 5 Restaurants

Key Traits and Skills

1. Creativity

2. Physical Stamina

3. Attention to Detail

4. Team Player

5. Passionate

Bee Strong. Bee Confident. Beelieve in Yourself.

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