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To Bee or Not to Bee a Broadcast Journalist

Today's career starts with the letter 'B' - Broadcast Journalist! Broadcast journalists research and present news items for TV, radio, and online websites. Their job is to research, investigate and present news to the public. If you like reading and speaking, this career may be a great fit for you! Aspiring to be a Broadcast Journalist? Read on to learn more about Broadcast Journalists!

Top 5 Fun Facts About Broadcast Journalists

1. You get paid to read a ton

2. You get to meet interesting people

3. You may even get to meet celebrities

4. You travel quite a bit

5. You never know what you will be working on next, which makes your career exciting.

Top 5 Schools for Broadcast Journalism

Top 5 Media & Entertainment Firms

Key Traits and Skills

1. You like to travel

2. Communication

3. Adaptability

4. Open-Minded

5. Passionate

Bee Brave. Bee Confident. Beelieve in Yourself.

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