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To Bee or Not to Bee a Judge

The career on today's episode of Aspire to Bee starts with the letter 'J' for Judge. A judge is a person in charge of trials. They listen to arguments and decide if the evidence is enough to convict someone as guilty. What else starts with the letter 'J'? Justice! Watch to learn more.

5 Fun Facts

1) The judicial branch is composed of three courts: the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and the District Courts.

2) Justice Elena Kagan is responsible for the installation of the first frozen- yogurt machine in the Supreme Court cafeteria. She claims she will be remembered as the “frozen-yogurt justice”.

3) The top floor of the Supreme Court building houses a gym, including a basketball court dubbed "the highest court in the land."

4) The supreme court only delivers only 75 opinions out of the 10,000 cases they receive each year.

5) Every sitting supreme court justice went to either Harvard or Yale Law Schools.

Great Schools for Judges

A college degree and work experience is the minimum requirement to be a judge. Most judges have worked as lawyers. For a list of the top law schools, stay tuned for the Lawyer episode to learn more!

Types of Judges

1) Bankruptcy Judge

2) Probate Judge

3) Trial Judge

4) Family Law Judge

5) Superior Court Judge

Key Traits & Skills

1) Patience

2) Open-Minded

3) Strong Communication Skills

4) Analytical Skills

5) Compassion

Bee Focused. Bee Confident. Beelieve in Yourself.

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